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Prospective Students

Communication Major (BA or BS)

Welcome Prospective Students! Understanding effective communication is vital in today’s world and in any career field. A communication major at the U offers the flexibility to personalize your education to meet your interests, passions, and professional and personal goals.

Situated in the largest media market between Denver and the West Coast, the Department of Communication provides students with opportunities for internships and part-time work in professional settings. The department is housed in the Languages and Communication Building (LNCO), which has a telecommunication studio, audio-visual production labs, multimedia design labs, and technology-enhanced active learning spaces.


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Our Undergraduate Emphases

Communiction Majors complete one of the following four emphases based on their area of interest.

Your emphasis will be noted on your transcript. Regardless of your emphasis, a major in communication will provide you with knowledge on ethical communication, persuasion, social influence and social responsibility. Paired with improved skills in writing and speaking, you will be highly competitive in the job market. 

Learning Outcomes and Major Declaration

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain the skills you need to communicate effectively across written, oral, visual, digital,and mobile media.
  • Understand the structure and reasoning of argumentation and learn to present arguments in written and spoken form.
  • Understand and ethically engage in issues of difference and identity (e.g. gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, ability, and age).
  • Explore the social, historical, legal, environmental, and economic contexts related to your area of study.

Major Declaration

Students can declare the major once they have a minimum 2.75 University of Utah GPA and completed one COMM course at the University with a C or better.  If you meet the requirements and have not yet declared please do so ASAP.

Once declared visit the Current Student page for more information and resources.  

Last Updated: 6/24/24